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1000D Oxford Full Protective Level IV Black Body Armor
1000D Oxford Full Protective Level IV Black Body Armor
1000D Oxford Full Protective Level IV Black Body Armor
1000D Oxford Full Protective Level IV Black Body Armor
1000D Oxford Full Protective Level IV Black Body Armor
1000D Oxford Full Protective Level IV Black Body Armor
1000D Oxford Full Protective Level IV Black Body Armor
1000D Oxford Full Protective Level IV Black Body Armor
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1000D Oxford Full Protective Level IV Black Body Armor
1000D Oxford Full Protective Level IV Black Body Armor
1000D Oxford Full Protective Level IV Black Body Armor
1000D Oxford Full Protective Level IV Black Body Armor
1000D Oxford Full Protective Level IV Black Body Armor
1000D Oxford Full Protective Level IV Black Body Armor
1000D Oxford Full Protective Level IV Black Body Armor
1000D Oxford Full Protective Level IV Black Body Armor
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1000D Oxford Full Protective Level IV Black Body Armor

One size fits all, Velcro straps on shoulders and waist to adjust to optimal size, suitable for people from 150~265 lbs

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I. Product specifications
Hikepros Laser Buckle Quick Release 1000D Oxford Full Protective Level IV Body Armor, full protection body armor, including neck guard, shoulder pads, front panel, back panel, waist guard, groin, a total of 10 layers of bulletproof panels, it is made of It is composed of protective layer, protective sleeve and bulletproof plate.
The protective layer of the fully protective body armor is mainly made of 45 layers of polymer polyethylene PE composite material. The whole piece mainly provides 12 pounds (5.6KG) of large-area protection, with no dead ends throughout the body and a protection area of 0.68 square meters. Available in black, military green, sand, camouflage and other colors, the body armor is one-size-fits-all and has Velcro straps on the shoulders and waist to adjust the size, making it suitable for all adults weighing 120 to 270 pounds.
This fully protective body armor already comes with 10 armor panels on the front and back, so there’s no need to purchase additional ones. 1000D Oxford three-layer full-protection NIJ LEVEL IV bulletproof vest, full-protection body armor, has been widely used in the military field and has become one of the indispensable equipment for soldiers and police.

Compared with ordinary body armor that only protects the chest and back, the protective area of a full-protection body armor is further expanded, strengthening the protection of life-safety parts. No part is exposed except the head (a ballistic helmet can be used) and the limbs. Different levels of protection are required. Bulletproof inserts with different protection levels are soft in texture, comfortable to wear, flexible in movement, excellent in elasticity, anti-aging, waterproof, moisture-proof, and UV-proof. They are the first line of protective equipment for frontline operations and duties.

II. Characteristics
Additional removable ballistic protection around the neck, throat, shoulders, front and back chest, abdomen, waist and groin area.
Ideal for internal security use or high threat areas.
Custom cut NIJ 0101.06 Level IV ballistic soft armor.
Class III, III+ and IV 10” x 12” hard armor plates (mounted in HAP pockets) are permitted.
Balanced Aramid Fabric Material (SAP) inserts are used with ICW (Integrated) rigid armor plates.
MOLLE / PALS loads attachments.
Front/back and shoulder comfort padding.
Adjustable shoulders for improved comfort.
The air mesh improves airflow around the wearer's body.
Surround ballistic protection from front to back.
Available in PU coated abrasion resistant nylon, Cordura and cotton.
External and internal adjustable waistbands secure the vest to the wearer's body.
Protection level
SAP can be protected. 449 mm projectile, NIJ Level IIIA compliant
Depending on the HAP used, upgrade to NIJ LEVEL III, III+, IV.
washable lid
Transferring soft armor protection from one aircraft carrier to another

1. Protective layer structure: The protective layer structure of the bulletproof and stab-proof clothing is composed of 45 layers of polyethylene fiber non-woven fabric (four orthogonal layers) + 1 layer of 4.5mm thick foam plastic.
2. Shell sealing performance: The protective layer is sealed with an anti-seepage and anti-seepage black protective shell, and the sealing edge is even. The protective cover material is impermeable and has a hydrostatic pressure resistance of not less than 18kPa.
3. Flexible to wear: Flexible to wear, easy to put on and take off. After wearing it, the free movement of the arms and the human body's movements such as kneeling, jumping, running, pitching, and turning should not be significantly restricted.
4. High quality: The outer layer is made of 1000D Oxford cloth, and the protective layer is made of 45 layers of polyethylene fiber non-woven fabric. Features sturdy structural design, excellent tensile strength and wear resistance. 100% money back or exchange guarantee if you're not satisfied with the item within 30 days.

III. Bulletproof test
1. Room temperature bulletproof: Tested using 1979-style 7.62mm light submachine gun and 1951-style 7.62mm pistol bullets (lead core). In the case of a valid hit, if the bullet is blocked, the maximum groove depth should be less than or equal to 25mm.
2. Soak bulletproof: Soak the bulletproof and stab-proof clothing in room temperature water for 30 minutes, and then perform a bulletproof test. To withstand effective bullet impact, the maximum indentation depth of the backing should be less than or equal to 25 mm.
3. High temperature bulletproof: After the high temperature test (+55℃±2℃, constant temperature for 4 hours), perform the bulletproof test within 15 minutes. In the case of an effective hit, the bullet is blocked and the maximum sinking depth of the backing is ≤25min.
4. Low-temperature bulletproof performance: After the low-temperature test (-20℃±2℃, constant temperature for 4 hours), conduct the bulletproof performance t

NIJ Ballistic Test Report
All Hikepros body armor and vests must pass the NIJ ballistic test before they are sold on the market. They are essential tactical equipment for soldiers and police.

IV.How to choose the correct body armor size

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